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Ayame Bullock lives and creates her handbuilt ceramics on Orcas Island, Washington.  Her work is inspired by her personal experiences, but most importantly her Japanese heritage and working surrounded by the serene rustic beauty of the San Juan Islands in Washington State.


Ayame’s pieces are made with pinch and coil techniques to give an organic wabi-sabi feel to her work. The slow process of hand building ceramics allows Ayame to focus on subtle detail and give time and intention into each piece. She aspires to create pieces that find balance between rustic and refined. Her work is a reminder to take a moment to slow down, and instills a sense of quiet joy and ritual in the everyday. 




See Ayame talk about her work and what inspires her forms. She also picks out a piece to be featured on the gathering table of a special meal held by Guy Turland Prophecy Wines on Orcas Island in Washington State. Guy worked with various artists, farmers, and chefs create an unforgettable dinner featuring locally sourced lamb, ling cod, apples and rhubarb matched with an amazing Red Blend from the state.